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Our Services

At NJT Accounting Services we pride ourselves on providing a professional, personalised service to all of our clients. We are here to give our clients the most appropriate advice for their personal situation and offer supportive services to assist them anywhere from commencing in the workforce through to retirees on pension.

Tax Planning and Preparation

A large part of our business is providing a tax planning and preparation service to a wide range of clients.

As a registered tax agent, we assist individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies and self-managed super funds to meet their obligatory requirements and our open communication with our clients allows us to answer their queries and provide them with the best outcome possible.


We encourage our clients to keep in contact throughout the year and when any major event occurs in their lives so that we are able to assist them to plan how these things may affect their tax position.

Bookkeeping Services



As your business grows, more and more of your time is put aside to reconcile your accounts and make sure that your documentation stays up to date. it can be expensive to have a staff member just to assist you with this and we can help.

Whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly we can assist you with your bookkeeping and ensure that your data is up to date to assist with the various lodgement and obligations that go with running a business.


BAS Preparation




Our BAS Preparation service allows our clients peace of mind that their obligations are correctly calculated and takes the pressure of having to know all of the rules surrounding the various obligations.


Whether you do your own bookkeeping or we maintain this for you we can assist you to keep your obligations up to date and correct.

Business Structure Planning


When you started your business it may have just been you, working hard to earn every cent and struggling through the hard times but now you have income beyond your initial dreams, require extra staff to help you through and more equipment to get the job done. This can sometimes result in larger tax obligations as your structure may not be working for you.


We are here to help you determine the most effective structure for your business throughout it's life and to assist in answering your queries regarding new obligations that may come with increased income.



For many people with words ASIC & ATO are met with angst and fear. The long wait times and technical speak can be very confusing and often end in frustration and not the ideal outcome.

From a request to simply change an address for your company through to queries regarding your account with the ATO we will liaise on your behalf and aim to achieve the best outcome for you.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund


In this changing landscape more and more people are seeking greater control over their retirement investments through self managed superannuation.

Unfortunately this greater control also comes with greater responsibility particular with compliance and required documentation. Our services offer our clients the preparation of such documentation and the arrangement of compliance audits and lodgement of appropriate documentation with the Australian Taxation Office to relieve the pressure of keeping everything in order.

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